Installing CedarSafe Panels



Tools You'll Need for Installation

Miter Box (optional)
1 ¼” colored panel nails (over drywall). Subfloor adhesive may also be used.


Note: Once you bring your CedarSafe Panels home, you'll want them to acclimate in or near the area they will be installed for 24-48 hours prior to installation. This will allow the wood to expand and contract (due to heat and moisture changes) as needed in its new environment.

Download PDF instructions for installing Panels

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How to Install your Panels
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Installation of CedarSafe Panels

Clear walls of nails, hooks, shelf brackets, etc. Walls should be as smooth as possible.

Step 1
Separate the panels and allow them to acclimate for about 24 hours near the area where they will be installed.

Step 2
Leave at least 1/8" space between each panel, the floor and the ceiling. The 1/8" spacing will allow for the natural expansion of the panels.

Step 3a
Using 1-1/4" panel nails, space nails 6" apart on panel edges and 12" apart in center, nailing panel from left to right.

Step 3b
Using subfloor adhesive, apply along stud lines and at top and bottom of panel. Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer's safety and ventilation instructions when using adhesives. (If you choose to use adhesive, subfloor adhesive is recommended because it will provide a solid bond which will not be weakened by the natural cedar oil present in the panels.)

Step 4
Install Giles & Kendall cedar molding for a professional finish.

Do not seal, stain, or varnish. Visit our page on cedar care and maintenance to learn more.

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